Agriculture Finance:
Welcome to KESDEE’s comprehensive e-learning and reference solutions on Agriculture Finance. KESDEE has developed a dedicated e-learning portal on Agricultural Finance. This Course Library has 40 courses/modules covering various topics on Agricultural Finance. These courses give comprehensive understanding of Agricultural Finance in India & provide quality training to bankers in order to meet their business objectives.

Following areas are covered under Agricultural Finance library
  • Policy Areas
  • Institutional Aspects
  • Lending Patterns
  • Methods & Schemes
  • Hi-tech Areas
  • Procedural Areas
The courses are highly interactive and are specially designed to train people in various aspects of Agriculture Finance from a practical viewpoint.

The themes of the product are as follows:-
  • Know various policy areas in agricultural finance
  • Know and understand various schemes offered by different institutions
  • Understand the lending patterns for agricultural sector
  • Explore various hi-tech areas in agriculture sector
  • Understand the procedural aspects involved in agricultural finance
Customization: - KESDEE can customize the courses by adding polices/procedures/case studies, relevant to your organization to meet your training requirements.
In addition, these courses can also be customized by adding country specific regulations and polices.